Muslims all around the world started observing Ramadan either yesterday, or today depending on the moon sighting. The annual Muslim holiday of Ramadan—a time for inner reflection, self-control, and better understanding of the less fortunate through the act of fasting. Ramadan is a religious month in which more than a billion Muslims fast from sunrise to [...]

A Moroccan Delicacy

Moroccan Lamb & Vegetable Couscous Growing up, we were taught that having Moroccan couscous every Friday was a tradition almost everyone in Morocco followed. This has been proven true, as every time I travel to Morocco I notice this tradition in the works. Every day of the week you could ask, "what are we eating [...]


“SUNSETS ARE PROOF THAT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS EVERY DAY CAN END BEAUTIFULLY.” – KRISTIN BUTLER Sugar Land, Texas *first post alert* Ok. Just wow. If you know me, you know I die for sunsets (and you also know i'm dramatic af). I'm also most definitely a night person, so I don't really remember the last [...]