15 things about me.

Hi everyone. Consistent much?! Nopeeeeeeeee. I know I said I'd try... But life just happens, you know? I know one day, maybe 4 months from now or maybe 4 years from now, I will become more consistent with this new fond hobby of mine, blogging. Until then, I will continue to throw a post here [...]

Memorial day weekend at Château de Balleroy

Normandy, France Château de Balleroy history recap - after the death of the two sons of la Cour de Balleroy during the French Revolution, their grandson only took possession in 1827 and remained the property of the inheritants till it was bought in 1970-1971 by millionaire American businessman Malcolm Forbes, director of Forbes magazine. The interior of the castle offers a [...]


Muslims all around the world started observing Ramadan either yesterday, or today depending on the moon sighting. The annual Muslim holiday of Ramadan—a time for inner reflection, self-control, and better understanding of the less fortunate through the act of fasting. Ramadan is a religious month in which more than a billion Muslims fast from sunrise to [...]

A Moroccan Delicacy

Moroccan Lamb & Vegetable Couscous Growing up, we were taught that having Moroccan couscous every Friday was a tradition almost everyone in Morocco followed. This has been proven true, as every time I travel to Morocco I notice this tradition in the works. Every day of the week you could ask, "what are we eating [...]